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Dvar Torah for Parashat Shlach- Attitude can Change the World

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Palestinian Authorities Tried in Knesset

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An Interview with Mrs. Jayne Rosenberg



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Long Island Youth Summit

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Letter From the Editors

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Celebrate Israel Parade



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MASS Comes to North Shore



Dvar Torah for Parashat Shlach- Attitude can Change the World

by Adriel Kohananoo


Dvar Torah for Parashat Shlach- Attitude can Change the WorldIn this week's Parasha, Moshe sent spies (the head of every tribe) into Eretz Yisrael to see the land and to bring back a report. A majority of the spies brought back a negative report and as a result, Bnei Israel decided to sin.
The spies even said called Eretz Yisrael “a land that devours its inhabitants” [Bamidbar 13:32]. They described the land as such because when they entered the land, they saw many funeral processions and deemed the land unfit to live in. In truth, however, a person sees what he wants to see, and he believes what he wants to believe.
When the spies entered the land, they already weren’t expecting good things. The Ba’al HaTurim states that the spies were worried there would be a new order in the land and they would therefore lose their prominent status as Jewish leaders. Therefore, they went into the land looking for something bad to say. Their actions when they returned would ultimately cause the nation to spend 40 more years wandering in the desert.
Some might argue that the spies were not crazy, that funeral processions are, in fact, very negative and would warrant a bad report. However, the spies looked at this and said, “Wow, what a terrible place! Full of death!” They should have seen the truth. The spies were on edge the entire time because they were scared they were going get caught while, in fact, Hashem was doing a miracle for them. The funeral processions were a distraction to keep their cover, but they mistook it as a negative aspect of the land.
So we see here that attitude can change the world. It can change the way everything appears to you. A terrible situation can turn into the greatest opportunity. All that needs to be done is to look through a new set of eyes.



Palestinian Authorities Tried in Knesset

by Avi Nessim 


Palestinian Authorities Tried in Knesset

The Knesset, or Israeli Parliament, did its part in making sure Israel, our homeland, stays safe and secure. On June 4th, the Knesset tried Palestinian authorities for supporting terrorism. The authorities were found guilty of paying 1.2 billion dollars to terrorists to conduct attacks in Israel. The former director general of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser, told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on June 5th that the Palestinian Authority has reportedly paid 1.2 billion dollars to terrorists and their families during the past four years. Kuperwasser said that the longer a Palestinian terrorist remains in an Israeli jail, “the higher the salary.” He added that “When they’re released, they get a grant and are promised a job at the Palestinian Authority. They get a military rank that’s determined according to the number of years they’ve served in jail.” There is evidence that these acts are supported and carried out by Mahmoud Abbas, the current Palestinian Authority President. He is currently being questioned on this matter.



An Interview with Mrs. Jayne Rosenberg

by Miky Rahmani


An Interview with Mrs. Jayne RosenbergAs many of you know, one of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School’s beloved history teachers, Mrs. Jayne Rosenberg, experienced a catastrophic event that shocked her and her family. Mrs. Rosenberg’s house was destroyed by a fire in middle of the night. I asked her a couple questions about her experience and how it affected her:

Q- There have been a lot of stories about your experience, some of which were completely false, and some of which that had some truth. I’m wondering exactly what happened? Can you please start from the beginning of the night?

A- Well, I got home from a school dinner. My husband was asleep on the couch, and I went up to our room, turned the TV on, went through emails, and looked at who turned in the assignment about famines on Turnitin. I then fell asleep in my bedroom. At 2 AM, my husband got off the couch, and couldn't fall back asleep in bed, so he went on his computer on the third floor. An hour later he saw flames leaping on the side of the house, and quickly woke me up. It was the second time he saved my life. The first time was marrying me.

Q- Do you think you were warned before this horrific incident happened? Did you or your husband suspect anything horrible happening that night?

A- Nope. We have a lovely, or had a lovely, well kept home, and staining the deck was our final project for summer, after a long winter. My children and their spouses come often in the summer to hang out at the pool.

Q- At this point, is there any definite conclusion as to how this horrible incident happened?

A- The guy staining our deck pool left rags soaked with chemicals out and spontaneous combustion occurred at around 2am.

Q- How do you think your relationship with God has changed due to the incident?

A- As you all know, I am Jewish. Despite not being educated in the religion, I love being Jewish. I actually believe that this experience was a warning sign that God gave me to appreciate all the good in my life. Thank God, my family and my husband are healthy and fine.

Q- What was your reaction after you accepted the horrible fact that your house burnt down?

A- I only cared if [my husband] Peter was ok. He went back into the burning house to get my cellphone. All the sentimental value is in our family’s heart. We laugh about the memories in our hearts. Photos don’t hold the value of memories in your heart and head. You hold memories inside yourself.

Q- What is a lesson you learned from this situation?

A- I learned not to be weak but to turn around and make life good again for my family. Also, to stop complaining about the small stuff. We are all blessed even though bad stuff still happens.

Q- What can we learn from this whole situation? What is a message you can send to everyone in this school about this experience?

A- Ask your parents. Being a family requires strength and the ability to move on. Ask those in your family who left everything to move here. You are so worried about your kids and their reaction. Once I saw Peter was well, I was fine. Even though I make fun of him in class, I love him.



Long Island Youth Summit

by Ruben Prawer 


Long Island Youth Summit

Recently, students from Mr. Suchmann's science research class submitted a short movie and a powerpoint about bullying to the Long Island Youth Summit. The students later found out that they were among the 300 finalists from Long Island. The six students who attended with Mr. Suchmann were Halli Fein, Danielle Friedman, Ariella Hajibay, Dylan Makani, Avi Nessim and Ruben Prawer. Once we arrived, Elaine Paige, the keynote speaker and the chief people innovation officer at Northwell Health gave a lecture. She taught the audience how to have a successful career and how to work in a field that you love. After the speech, the students went to a workshop that was related to their research. There were many different workshops, including the Teen Medical Health, Self-Esteem and Well Being, and the Environment: Protection of Water. The North Shore students went to the bullying, cyberbullying and social networks workshop, where they discussed the definition of bullying, the causes and effects of bullying and different solutions for different types of bullying. There was also a speech about leadership from Tracey Edwards. Some of her many leadership roles include being the region president of a Fortune 100 company and being elected to the Huntington Town Board. Two or three people from each workshop spoke in front of everyone and shared what they learned from their workshop. It was a very productive and innovative day for everyone at the Youth Summit.



Letter From the Editors

by Ben Baruch and Caylie Tureack


Letter From the EditorsDear Readers,
This issue is the last of volume 7 of the North Shore Notes online newspaper. It has been a successful year of writing and journalism as we have reported on many in-school and out of school events. Our goal has been to keep our readers informed on school happenings as well as to provide enjoyable content. We hope we have delivered on that this year and we hope we can do better next year.
Speaking of the future, the paper plans to take a step in the right direction as we plan to create a new website, use social media to publicize new articles and issues, and add editorial and sports sections, as well as other improvements to make our paper the best it can be.
Our writers were outstanding this year. We emphasized quality over quantity this year as we asked them to write less, while making sure that the work that they did submit was of the highest quality. Our standards will be set higher next year as our writers will be asked to write more intelligently and more in-depth than ever before. We hope this will yield more enjoyable and interesting content for our readers. We are excited at what our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have brought to the table this year and are looking forward to many more years with them. That said, we would also like to thank and say goodbye to our senior writers who will be off to better places next year.
Mrs. Zabinsky has also been amazing this year. She has made sure that issues get sent out on time and has been a resource for writers who had any questions concerning grammar, spelling, and everything in between. Without her help, none of our 21 issues would have been published this year. She has also been instrumental in the editors’ transition period, orienting myself and Caylie to the responsibilities of the paper and helping with anything we needed. We can’t wait to work with her again next year!
We would also like to thank our outgoing editors, Arielle Rothman, Shani Kahan, and Lia Berger for their support and guidance through this transition period. We thank them for their service to the paper and wish them the best in their college endeavours.
Lastly, we would like to thank all of our readers who have believed in our progress and have shown a constant interest in school events and occurrences. We hope that we can continue publishing content for all to enjoy.
It has been a pleasure for both myself and Caylie to write for and edit North Shore Notes this year and are excited for the year to come. If you want to get involved with the paper or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. I can be found at bbaruch@nshahs.org, Caylie at ctureack@nshahs.org, and Mrs. Zabinsky at azabinsky@nshahs.org. We hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Ben Baruch, and Caylie Tureack



Celebrate Israel Parade

by Dalia Etessami 


Celebrate Israel Parade

This year, North Shore Hebrew Academy High School continued its annual tradition if attending the Celebrate Israel Parade, which took place on Sunday, June 4th. Teachers and students all gathered at the starting point of the parade by 1:00 PM, when our group began marching. This year, our school’s theme was a “Community of Unity”, referring to the unity of the North Shore community in supporting Israel, despite the many different backgrounds of students. The amazing t-shirts worn by students and our banner were designed by our school’s hardworking art department. They truly embodied the theme and made the school stand out as we were marching. The beautiful banner featured a tree with roots connecting the flags of many different countries that North Shore student’s families originate from, like Iran and Morocco, to a large Israeli flag. The t-shirts were a bright orange with a similar design on the front, and the school’s logo in gold on the back.
Although the weather was not ideal, as it was cloudy and drizzling rain while we marched, many students attended the parade and displayed their excitement for being able to support Israel. In particular, some freshman boys put together an extra-large Israeli flag by combining four smaller ones, and waved this large flag proudly as the group marched. When we passed by a small group of protesters, students proudly sang Israeli songs, making a point that the land of Israel is undisputedly ours. One particularly excited freshman, Jeremy Bassali, set off two confetti canons over the protestors, one over Jewish protestors, and another at protesters who support the Palestinians. This was definitely an exciting moment of the parade.



MASS Comes to North Shore

by Dylan Makani and Ruben Prawer


MASS Comes to North ShoreThe North Shore Hebrew Academy High School offers over 100 clubs, ranging from Investing Club, to Medical Minds, to the Creative Writing Club. Each club is unique and offers something new. This coming year, there will be a new club called MASS, which stands for Math And Science Skills. The founders and presidents of this new club are Dylan Makani and Ruben Prawer. They plan to open the club primarily to give students a chance to hone their math and science skills in a fun, creative, and interactive way. They have put together a series of helpful tips and tricks to teach students next year. The central goal is to give students a chance to enhance math and science skills that are not taught in class. The best part of the club is that students don't have to excel in the maths and sciences before joining the club. “Talent comes naturally. Skill, is only developed through hours and hours of beating on your craft” (Will Smith). The founders of MASS strongly believe in that quote and plan to apply it their club beginning at the start of the next school year.