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Shavuot D'var Torah

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Israel Day Parade

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A Night at The Explorer's Club



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Poet's Cafe

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June's Student of The Month- Rachel Schlesinger

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Guess the Teacher!





Shavuot D'var Torah

by Abigail Mottahedeh


Shavuot D'var TorahIn Parsha Re’eh, Perek 17, Passukim 9-12, the Shalosh Regalim, or The Three Pilgrimage Festivals, are stated. These holidays include Sukkot, Pesach, and Shavuot and they all correspond to how Bnei Yisrael were once slaves in Egypt. The Shalosh Regalim also have three mitzvot in common, which are Oleh LaRegel (pilgrimage to the Beit Hamikdash), Korbanot, (sacrifices), and VeSamachta BeChagechah (rejoicing and being happy). From these three mitzvot, the only mitzvah that is currently applicable to our lives is VeSamachta BeChagechah, rejoicing. Sadly, we don't have the Beit Hamikdash to make a pilgrimage to and we are now forbidden to sacrifice on an altar.

On the topic of Shavuot, a major Jewish festival held on the 6th of Sivan, the Passukim specifically discuss the mitzvah of rejoicing and being happy. The pasuk lists the specific people one must make happy during Shavuot, as it says, “And you shall rejoice before the Lord, your God, -you, and your son, and your daughter, and your manservant, and your maidservant, and the Levite who is within your cities, and the stranger, and the orphan, and the widow…” Rashi then asks the obvious question, “Why does Hashem go into depth about which people one is required to make happy?” The reason is found within the words of Hashem Himself. Hashem says, “These are My four, corresponding to your four.” Hashem’s four are the Levite, stranger, orphan, and widow. Our four is oneself, his/her spouse, children, and maidservants. If one shows kindness towards Levites, strangers, orphans, and widows then Hashem will show kindness towards you, your wife, children, and maidservant. In essence, Hashem is saying that if you make His people happy, He will make your family happy. The mitzvah of being happy on Shavuot shows the importance of being kind to others.



Israel Day Parade

by Adriel Kohananoo 


Israel Day Parade

This year's Israel Day Parade was held this past Sunday, June 2nd. There were a plethora of Jewish schools and organizations there to march and show their support for the state of Israel, as well as many people who came to watch and cheer us on.

Many students from NSHAHS arrived at the school in the early afternoon, ready to be bused to New York City, where the parade takes place every year. Admittedly, there were noticeably less students from North Shore at the parade due to SAT testing that day. However, those who showed up really gave it their all, singing and dancing the whole time.

This year’s theme for NSHAHS was the uniqueness and the fertility of the Holy Land of Israel. This was represented by the Seven Species, more commonly known as the Shivat Haminim. The Seven Species denote the amazing produce that one can find in Israel. They are among the sweetest, healthiest, and most prominent grown foods that one can find, and they are also commonly mentioned in the Torah as a sign of redemption. The banner represented this well with pictures of the Seven Species as well a message on top that read, “Only In Israel.” The green shirts that the students were wearing were similar to the banner, giving an extra sense of unity.

All in all, this year's parade was really fun and meaningful, and luckily, the rain only started after we finished marching. It was a great experience for all who attended, and we won’t fail to show our support for Israel again next year.



A Night at The Explorer's Club

by Jack Hedaya


A Night at The Explorer's ClubThere is a certain irony that comes with the Explorer’s Club. Just touring through their Headquarters is sufficient enough to fit the definition of “exploration.” On Wednesday night, a couple of students had the honor of going on this journey, led by Mr. Suchmann and Mr. Wykes.

They began their experience at the Club’s Manhattan location with a tour of the entire mansion. All they could do was gape in awe as the generous board member leading them showed them rooms filled to the brim with maps so detailed, the U.S. military has been known to use them. They were also shown a cache of journals and documents written by explorers as prestigious as Amelia Earhart.

After the amazing tour, the students then sat down for a mesmerizing presentation by Rachel Hogan, the director of Ape Action Africa, a "nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of abused and orphaned primates in Cameroon.” Rachel, who has been living in Africa since 2001, explained in stunning detail the process and lengths that she and her team go through to save monkeys and apes that have been through trauma. She showed the journey of two specific gorillas; how they found the pitiful animals, won their trust, and take care of them today. She explained that their current project is isolating the teenage male gorillas from the females.

After the presentation, the students had the pleasure of speaking to Rachel personally. She told them something that left a significant impact: “It’s people like you who matter the most. It is the next generation that will progress us even further.”



Poet's Cafe

by Dalia Etessami  


Poet's Cafe

After school on this past Wednesday, May 29th, North Shore’s annual Poets Cafe took place. The event was organized and run by Mrs. Septimus, and was dedicated to Rabbi Dr. Grant, who will be retiring after this school year.

The lunchroom was the setting for event. The custodial staff transformed it into a “Cafe” by folding up and moving aside the usual lunch tables and moving towards the center the small round tables and the chairs that go with them. In addition, hot coffee and tea, as well as cookies and brownies were served to the enthusiastic attendants there.

The evening began with Rabbi Grant singing two moving songs to which he wrote the original lyrics. Then, some students read their own original poetry. Afterwards, many students got to show off their musical talents, with vocal and/or instrumental performances. The musical performers that night were Rachel Schlesinger, Dylan Saltzman, Yoni Safra, Maya Harbater with Menachem Rabizadeh, and Liel Hedvat. Each performance featured unique voices and genres of music. Everyone sang and/or played their songs of choice beautifully.

The night ended with Rabbi Grant singing another song with his own, original lyrics. Overall, this Poet's Cafe was a great way to see the often hidden talents of many North Shore students. If you weren’t able attend this year’s, be sure to catch next year’s event!



June's Student of The Month- Rachel Schlesinger

by Shlomo Shaulian


June's Student of The Month- Rachel SchlesingerJune’s student of the month, Rachel Schlesinger, is a truly dedicated and passionate student. Rachel is known for being very precise about her craft: music! From when she was young, Rachel knew that music would be her passion. Whether it is singing, playing the piano, or the flute, Rachel is constantly creating enjoyable music that she plays with skill.

Whether in school or not, Rachel is a part of many musical groups where her voice plays an essential role in bringing the music together. At North Shore, Rachel is part of the Chamber Choir, Symphonic Choir, Jazz Band, and has completed the AP Music Theory course with Mr. Torres. Many students remember Rachel as the winner of this year’s North Shore’s Got Talent Show.

Outside of North Shore, Rachel is a member of The Metropolitan Youth Chamber Chorale, as well as one of fifteen to participate in the Met Opera High School Choir. Rachel has performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and sang a highlight solo of the “National Anthem” at Yankee Stadium. Sometimes, Rachel volunteers at the Bristal, where she also performs mini concerts that the elderly enjoy.

Besides for just being talented in music, Rachel is also involved in extracurriculars such as Medical Minds, Anti Bias, Deca, Investing Club and Chessed Club. She is also great when it comes to math and creative writing; Rachel is a member of the National Honor Society, the Tri-M Honor Society, is a NYSSMA All-State and a Peer Tutor for Chemistry and Biology!

Rachel is a someone who knows what path she wants to take and has the dedication it needs to be successful. Congratulations Rachel! We are looking forward to seeing you on stage sometime soon!



Guess the Teacher!

by Kaila Kreinik  


Guess the Teacher!

1- This is my 4th year teaching at North Shore
2- Before I was here, I taught at an elementary school in the Bronx. Before that, I was an Interior Architect at a company in Manhattan.
3- I love sushi! I hate vegetables even though I force myself to eat them every day. YUCK!
4- In high school, I was captain of the Varsity Dive team and captain of the Varsity Rifle team.
5- Each summer from when I was 3 until 18 years old, I went to a wilderness survival camp for 8 weeks. We had no electricity, no running water, no electronics and no communication with the outside world. It was up to us to grow our own food, purify our own water, make our own fires and build our own shelter. Needless to say, I am fully prepared should the zombie apocalypse occur. And yes, you read that correctly, I was only 3 when I went for the first time!
6- I have an 8 year old black cat that I found in the woods when she was just a kitten

Answer: Mrs. Alexandra Loverro Dammacco - Instructor of Art



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