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Parashat Vayeitzei

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MiniMester at NSHAHS

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The Stage Is Waiting For You!



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Thanksgiving at NSHAHS

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Club of the Week- Real Estate Club

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Advice Column- Pick Up a Hobby





Parashat Vayeitzei

by Shira Cohen


Parashat VayeitzeiIn this week's parsha, Parshat Vayeitzei, Leah, one of our imahot, is the first person in recorded history to ever thank G-d. She does so after giving birth to her fourth son, Yehuda; the name is derived from the word hoda’ah, which means, “to thank.”

This raises a big question for many: Why didn’t Leah say “thank you” when her first, second, or third child was born, but instead waited until she had a fourth child? Leah understood that her husband was destined to have twelve sons. She did the math. Amongst his four wives, she expected that they would each have three children, as they would be divided equally among them. When she gave birth to her third son, it seemed to her as though she had been given “her share,” and she was no longer expecting to have anymore children. Her fourth son, however, came as a genuine surprise; therefore, she was overwhelmed with gratitude for G-d's generosity. This is the child that then received the name “Yehuda” for pure, unadulterated thanks.

This, however, does not mean that she was not grateful for her first three children. She always recognized G-d’s appearances in her life, making sure to credit him. This is a reminder to us that we never fully understand our situations and circumstances. But when we become grateful for what we have, we find the meaning and purpose in who we are and what we are capable of. This is why the Jewish people are called Yehudim- related to the name Yehuda. We are understood to be the nation that is grateful to G‑d and the ones who constantly show appreciation towards him. As we approach life we must always keep this in mind by following Leah’s example and appreciating G-d’s blessings. We must recognize that we are lucky, privileged and truly gifted.
Shabbat Shalom!



MiniMester at NSHAHS

by Justin Mirharoon 


MiniMester at NSHAHS

This coming February, students will participate in the long awaited MiniMester program, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which students can participate in one of the 46 courses that the faculty at NSHAHS have to offer. These courses have absolutely nothing to do with a teacher's typical academic subject matter, and are solely dedicated to educating students on something each faculty member really enjoys. From classes about haunted houses to stand up comedy and even one about God’s political stance in the infamous Democratic versus Republican debate, MiniMester has a course that suits just about everyone.

For the first two days of the program, students will learn about their topics in a classroom-type setting. On the third day, students will embark on a trip relating to the class they took. For the most part, the trips of the courses are not revealed until the classes officially start.

Although many of the courses are very interesting, one course clearly takes the cake for being the most popular: skiing. So many people signed up for the course that Dr. Vitow decided to make a school-wide ski trip for the students to Camelback resort in February.

Classes about equestrians, the Yankees and makeup are some of the interesting choices, among many others. One of the most unusual courses is about the Jewish outreach program, Chabad.

Overall, MiniMester is sure to be an amazing and sensational experience that will be looked back upon as one of the highlights of high school.



The Stage Is Waiting For You!

by Chloe Mastour


The Stage Is Waiting For You!As Hanukkah begins to make its way, so too does North Shore’s Got Talent. North Shore’s Got Talent is an annual talent show here at NSHAHS which enables students to showcase their unique and sensational gifts. The excellent program is organized by Mrs. Septimus, who makes unceasing efforts for the show to be as spectacular and entertaining as possible.

The tryouts were held on November 20th and were judged by three prestigious teachers: Ms. Mondi, Mr. Torres and Ms. Collier. In addition to the profound judging panel, senior Ashley Gordon briefly served as a judge as well.

The tryouts featured a wide variety of acts, namely singers, musicians, magicians, and supposedly several comedy acts, although Mrs. Septimus thought it was “hard to tell.”

Mrs. Septimus and senior Jeremy Bassali are currently evaluating and editing the tryout performances so the students can watch the acts on the classroom TVs next week. Students will then all get a chance to vote on which acts they want to see perform at the live show.

The heavily anticipated show will take place on December 18th, with about six contestants performing. Mrs. Septimus may reveal a theme for the performances, so stay tuned! It is now time to awaken the biggest search for stardom in the world in North Shore’s Got Talent!



Thanksgiving at NSHAHS

by Shlomo Shaulian 


Thanksgiving at NSHAHS

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings together family and friends, a day that we are grateful not just for America, but for everything we have. Students at NSHAHS spent their Thanksgiving at many different places. Many students hosted family for the Thanksgiving meal, while others were invited over to celebrate someplace else. Some people even traveled to different places for special occasions; a couple students went to Los Angeles over the extended weekend, attending Thanksgiving weddings and celebrating the holiday.

So, what exactly are NSHAHS students thankful for? Senior Jack Hedaya says he is thankful for the “countless blessings G-d gave me, such as the people I spend time with, my family, and the beautiful world we live in.” Likewise, senior Dylan Makani says he’s grateful for his health, his family, and his friends. However, all students at NSHAHS are extremely thankful for the amazing school we are able to attend.

The staff at North Shore Notes hopes you had a great Thanksgiving and is thankful to be able to provide you with all the latest NSHAHS news!



Club of the Week- Real Estate Club

by Hannah Swartz


Club of the Week- Real Estate ClubThe Real Estate club, run by NSHAHS teacher Mr. Swartz and students Steven Sabbagh, Hannah Swartz and Josh Hutt, is exactly the club to join if you’re interested in business!

Students are given the chance to learn firsthand the ups and downs of real estate from the point of view of those who are actively in the business. The club often has guest speakers who cover all aspects of real estate, from residential to commercial and industrial.

Not only do you get the ability to learn about actual pieces of real estate that are on the market, but you are given examples to analyze with others in the club as well. Given all the basic tools and knowledge to make an educated decision on whether or not it is a smart investment, students can discuss and evaluate different pieces of real estate together.

The club meets bi-weekly and will be having new guest speakers to discuss their own involvement in the real estate business in the coming weeks. As a member of the club, I strongly encourage others to join and come see what it’s all about!



Advice Column- Pick Up a Hobby

by Lea Chen 


Advice Column- Pick Up a Hobby

Even though school hours and school work is very demanding, it is crucial that school does not become the one thing that your life revolves around. While you can socialize with your friends when you have spare time, it is also best to take up a hobby. This is because occasionally your friends might be busy, and you’ll end up having nothing to do with yourself. In addition, it is always important to take the opportunity to grow by yourself. Being a person of many diverse interests, I have a few recommendations to make.

First and foremost, you need to work out. Even if you’re a person who doesn't want to be muscular, physical strength and dexterity is important. There are ways to gain strength and stamina that do not always reflect through big muscles. Go for a run, ride a bike, do some push-ups or pull-ups. This list goes on; there’s so many ways to stay active. It’s not just important for your body to work out, it is important for your brain. Working out releases serotonin and dopamine and actually clears your mind and makes you feel good.

Learn an instrument. Learning an instrument expands and enriches your brain. Plus, you get to enjoy what you make out of it, and you can even show off your new skills to your friends.

Just learn in general! Find a site you like and read it regularly. You’ll become knowledgeable in many areas without putting in a lot of effort, and it can prove to be very beneficial for you down the road.

It is crucial to take time off every day and do something that you truly enjoy. Doing so has many benefits and will give you the motivation to pursue the next day of your life.



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